Where do we fit in?


OUR ROLE. Divorce & Family Mediators (Pty) Ltd is a team of professional and caring mediators, highly skilled in the art of dispute resolution. We have diverse professional backgrounds and experiences and are therefore able to handle all aspects of a divorce. We will guide you through the emotional process of divorce and help you to structure a settlement agreement. 


OUR OBJECTIVE. We are parents ourselves and understand the complex emotions and turmoil the family experiences when parents have decided to spilt up. We use our talents and skills to keep the family unit as unscathed as possible in the best interest of the children. Our main  objective is to minimize the damage resulting from a divorce for  all concerned. We can assist you before, during  and after the divorce.


OUR GOAL. We are inspired by our goal to help  couples restructure their families - not dissolve them, thereby ensuring healthy future family relationships. Spouses divorce each other, but never their children.


OUR PACKAGE DEAL. Other than single mediation sessions Divorce & Family Mediators (Pty) Ltd provides a complete service from mediation to finalization of your divorce.


OUR PROMISE. The entire divorce procedure will be handled confidentially and professionally.